ॐकार इतिह संगीतम्
  • Name of Technique:

    Omshakti technique for development of holistic musical voice & music of singers

  • Contents of Training Programme of Omshakti Holistic Musical Voice and Singing:

    Different 64 types of Omkar Pronounciation methods are as follows:

    1. Omkar Sadhana for the development of registers in voice

    2. Omkar Sadhana for the qualitative and quantitative development of three pharyngeal cavities

    3. Omkar Sadhana for the development of Resonators in Voice

    4. Omkar Sadhana for increasing the strength of vocal cord muscles

    5. Omkar Sadhana for the development of breathing for singing that means for increasing the strength and rhythm of dighphragm and lower intercostals muscles. (main muscles of inspiration and expiration )

    6. Omkar Sadhana for the Purity of Chatwar Waani i.e. Para, Paschyanti, Madhyama & Vaikhari

    7. Omkar Sadhana for calmness, cheerfulness of mind and confidence development in singing

    8. Different exercises of tongue to make it powerful, stable, rhythmic and swift

    9. Omshakti Shanti dighphragmatic breathing pranayama techniques.

    10. Omkar Meditation for concentration in singing

    11. Kharj Omkar Sadhana for development of Complete all rounded voice for singing.

    12. Omkar Sadhana for correct pronounciation of 16 vowels and 52 consonants for proper words in singing

    13. Omkar sadhana for shatchakras shuddhi.

    14. Jivha Rakar Naad Sadhana for rhythmic and quicker mobility of tongue

    15. Omkar Sadhana for ease and rhythme in singing

    16. Omkar Sadhana for three octave singing.

    17. Omkar Sadhana for Ideal throw (swarlagav) of voice in singing.

  • How and why voice and music of singers is developed by adopting Omshakti technique:
    1. Three pharyngeal cavities are qualitatively and quantitatively opened.

    2. Damsans that means breathing power for music is extra ordinarily improved.

    3. Chatwar Waani that is Para, Pashyanti, Madhyama and Vaikhari are purified so the words in music become powerful and sweet.

    4. Tongue becomes rhythmic and its power is increased

    5. VyanPranshakti is the energy behind any voice for singing. It is extra ordinarily developed

    6. Mind become cheerful and confident

    7. Singers learn ideal throw of voice

    8. Voice become stable

    9. Ease and rhythm in music is improved

    10. Singers can show expressions and emotions in music very easily without efforts

    11. Intelligence in music is improved

    12. Vibrato in voice improves quickly.

    13. Tonal quality of music is purified

    14. Registers in voice are developed fast and easily

    15. Three octave singing in music is adopted by the singer in short time

    16. Shatchakras in the human body are purified and their balance is set. (Shatchakras purification is important for singers because chatwar wani from where the voice and speech emerges has close relation with shatchakras in human body.)