ॐकार इतिह संगीतम्
Welcome to Omshakti

     Dr. Jayant Karandikar is renowned senior physician, cardiologist & Musician of Ahmednagar City in Maharashtra state of India. He is M.D.Medicine in allopathy and Sangeet Visharad.

     From Last 15 years he is doing research on the 1st universal philosophical sound energy "OM" (NaadChaitanya) & its correct pronounciation.

He has made 4 parts of his research regarding OM:
1) Om Shakti and Music
2) Om Shakti Voice and Speech Disorders
3) Om Shakti Health of body and Mind
4) Om Shakti and Spirituality

In this Website we are presenting only the details of his research of Om Shakti and it's usefulness for musician and their music. So this site is mainly made for the singers only and other three websites about his Om Shakti research that means regarding it's usefulness

For Om Shakti Voice and Speech Disorders,
For Om Shakti Health of body and Mind
For Om Shakti and Spirituality

will be presented by the trust soon.

He has developed 64 different types of Om pronounciation methods and 20 Ideal breathing techniques for it. He tried the effects of different types of OM pronounciation techniques in thousands of singers in last many years. Studied them with experiments, and was astonished to see the remarkable positive changes in the voices and music of singers. "Omshakti" is the name given by him to his unique Indian technique for development of holistic musical voice and music of singers.

     In his opinion though this technique is based on the Indian philosophical sound OM this is useful for all the singers of whole world without any bar of age, sex, caste, country and religion.

Our coming Training workshop is for all the people because this is basic Om Shakti Workshop for Overall fitness.

The detail programme of coming "Omshatki Voice Energy Therapy Workshop" of 2 & ½ days arranged by our trust at Omshakti Centre Ahmednagar. If you are interested to join please contact for registration, venue and other more details on following numbers. 9225325650, 9225325650