ॐकार इतिह संगीतम्

  • Omshakti workshops for singers:

    Omshakti charitable and research centre conducts different types of workshops for singers for above mentioned Omshakti training:

    1. Individual one to one training and treatment - two hours daily for three days without lodging and boarding.

    2. Group Training Workshops – If a group of 10 singers come then the training workshop is 4 hours daily for 3 days without lodging and boarding.

    The above mentioned both the training and treatment programmes are conducted in Omshakti centre campus.

    1. Training Workshops Outside

      These are three types of workshops which are conducted outside Ahmednagar city
      1 day workshop
      1 and ½ days workshop
      2 and ½ days workshop

    2. The Musicians who want to learn

      OmGanGuru Dr. Jayant Karandikar's Omshakti Technique of holistic musical voice and singing has to pay specific amount as a donation to the trust and register his or her name by taking prior appointment. The person will get the donation receipt. The donation amount is used by the trust for the following things:
      a) For the research of sound sound Energy OM
      b) For the treatment of poor patients and singers
      c) For the Maintenance of the Trust
      d) For the Development of the Trust

  • Omshakti Music Gurukul Activities
    1. Ganvyadhi Mukti Centre
      This Centre is for treating singers voice problems and voice diseases for example

      Singer's nodules
      Vocal cord paralyses
      Repeated attacks of common cold and eosinophilia
      Hoarseness of voice
      Spasmotic dystonia
      Phonatory gap
      Chronic laryngitis

    2. Omshakti Training centre for the training of Omshakti technique of Holistic musical voice and singing.

  • Upcoming workshop details:
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