ॐकार इतिह संगीतम्
About us
  • About the trust Omsahakti Charitable and Research Centre :

    This trust is formed by seven people coming together in the year 2000. The main aim of the trust is to work on different aspects of universal sound sound energy OM and see its effects on any person's voice, speech, music, Body, minds, health and spirituality. Omshakti Music Gurukul is one of the activities of the trust. Under this centre many activities regarding the music are conducted.

    1. Training centre of Omshakti Technique for holistic musical voice and singing.

    2. Ganvyadhi Mukti Kendra

    3. Nadchaitanya voice parlour for musicians.

    4. OmGanGuru Association (OMGGA) (Om music teachers associations)

    5. Music School for toneless singers (Besuronki Swarshala)

    6. Omshakti Music Gurukul

    7. OM Gan Guru Teachers Course.

  • About The Trust & Trustees
    Dr. Jayant Karandikar
    Dr. Geeta Karandikar
    Dr. Manasi Panat
    Dr. Ashish Panat
    Dr. Neeraj Karandikar
    Mrs. Vaishali Bhagwat
    Dr. Kishor Bhingare